Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Technology Integration

This topic is one that our district has been focused heavily on these past couple years.  We have had many in services and short trainings on integrating the use of ipads, tablets, web tools, etc...into our daily classroom.  Last spring we created lessons using the SAMR Model.  We have moved and will continue to move to a one on one pupil to device based technology plan.  Striving to integrate technology into the day in the life of a student is happening no matter what apprehensions we have as teachers.  The 21st Century classroom is here and I need to move into this type of learning.  Some of my apprehensions revolve around teaching small groups of students for 20 minutes.  My integration is going to have to look a bit different due to the time element.  So far I am sitting at the substitution phase of SAMR.  I just received 3 Ipads last year, not enough for each student.  Students have to share which will lend itself nice to collaboration.  Yet, the students want their own to use and sometimes show challenging behavior when they have to share.  When I have engaged them with the ipads they are absolutely glued to the screen.  They love the ability to move freely navigating the Ipads.  I have noticed some of them talking to one another about where they are and I have noticed how they help each other out when they don't know how to do something on the Ipads..  I am going to be planning a Techno-Read month for our Adventure Read after school program next week.  Classroom teachers have some great ideas on how to use technology to move into modification and redefinition.  One teacher knows a lot about Animoto so we will be planning comprehension around the making of videos.  I look forward to learning from them so I can best integrate the practices into my small groups.

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