Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blogging Community November Strategies

A celebration that I had this past week was with two kindergarten boys that I see.  I have been working on my AR plan during their group time.  I am working on getting them up, running around, crawling, throwing balls, etc... in order to engage them in gender specific learning strategies.  I did a letter check on them when I started mid October and they each knew 1 letter.  On Friday I did a check and they knew 14 and 16 letters.  After less than two weeks of the change in instruction, I would say that it has been making a difference so far.


  1. Wow! That is so exciting! It must make you feel so good that just by changing your teaching technique based on your research, you have helped them learn and grow so much. You mentioned what you've been doing for the boys, what have you changed for the girls based on your research?

  2. Good question Jen. I am more aware of the differences between boys and girls but am really targeting boys. My research shows that schools are geared more towards girls, which can result in boys falling more and more behind. The achievement gap is widening for them. Thus, I have been focusing on boys more. I give girls chances to talk and interact between themselves, less competition, they sit by each other. I give them alternative options to running, throwing, and crawling if they wish. The boys run through the caterpillar tube but they can walk around…basically some of those kinds of things. The kids can also choose to sit on a ball or chair in my room. Mostly girls will choose a chair from time to time.