Monday, February 24, 2014

Integration of technology in the Future

Technology is a driving force in education.  Technology will never take the place of a teacher, yet can provide a useful tool to bring learning to a new level.  I will continue to integrate technology into my Title 1 groups, not just because of my educational practices thus far, but also because my district is completely committee to integrating the SAMR model into the classroom learning environment.  I will mainly be integrating the use of Ipads into my groups as I have been given five pads to use.  During our teacher professional development days, we will continue to investigate helpful tools to grow kids.  I will also be given the responsibility to managing and adding apps on the Title 1 Ipads.  I need to keep up on current trends and best practices.  I plan on continuing my research on best apps along with integrating my lessons into the SAMR model focusing on bringing my lessons to a higher level.  I will also be collaborating with the other intervention teachers in the district looking for and sharing best practices in technology application.  Technology is not only here to stay but will develop even more involved practices in the 21st century classroom.

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