Thursday, September 12, 2013

ROL on Gender Differences

My summer reading on my research topic, Gender Differences, was amazing to me.  I absolutely was transformed while reading my research.  By understanding the differences between boys and girls has re-framed my understanding of children.  I truly did not know most of what I read.  Teachers should know that each gender has differences in the areas of vision, hearing, behavior, learning, brain development, and biology/physiology.  Since school has been back in session, I am amazed at how much more patient and understanding I am with both genders.  I use to get into power struggles with kids who were behavior problems....mostly boys.  Recently, I have had several opportunities to help teachers with boys who were having trouble in the classroom.  Now, I understand what they need.  I bring them in my room for movement.  I get them out of their head and help them focus on something fun.  I give them tactile things to play with before talking about what is going on and what needs to happen.  I may not completely resolve the situation but I am not getting frustrated or experiencing feelings of defeat.  By having these few experiences, I know my groups are going to go well when they start.  I will be able to provide just what each gender needs in order to feel more successful and accepted.  What can teachers do?  Becoming educated in the field of gender differences is the best way to implement changes in the classroom.  Since I have been sharing with my coworkers some of my findings, they have come to me with stories of when they had greater understanding of what was going on with the student.  They were excited and so was I.  Nothing but good can come from better understanding and accepting differences in kids.

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