Saturday, September 14, 2013

Glanz's Virtues in relation to my life

After finishing my survey on virtues in leadership, empathy was on the top of my list while courage and enthusiasm took a close second.  I can empathy playing out in my life in several ways.  In my teaching, this is the area that can actually trip me up in my servicing of at risk students.  I take too many on in my groups.  Best intervention is 3-4 students and I take 6-7 so students aren't left out.  I see every student as my son, who struggled in school.  I wouldn't have wanted him to have been left out of a group, so I don't want to say no to these kids.  I also want to help everyone and I am a rescuer.  I want to fix all the everything that I perceive as a wrong in where ever I am.  I then get resentful because I have no down time and have a hard time getting done what I have to get done.  This is seen in my personal as well as my work life.

AGAPE - Empathy can be seen in Genderativity and Presence.  By creating a classroom of trust and welcoming and helping kids understand how to be kind to each other and themselves are places empathy can be seen.  Without empathy, AGAPE would be missing the G and the P and you would only have a bunch of vowels.  Just like teaching, without empathy, you would just have a bunch of people not caring or interacting with one another with care or concern.

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