Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The "Big Rock" theme from last class affirmed what I already knew and had been living in my life for many years. Long ago I was interested in the theme of living simply. At that time, I read and reflected on many books on simple living and had conversations with friends who also were exploring the same topic. I came to the understanding that I needed to accept the things that I really wanted to pursue and I would know what they were by listening carefully to the voice of my being. I set out to only say yes to what I really felt strongly about and no to everything I doubted or questioned.  I’d like to think that each idea I heard my inner being saying to me is representative of my rocks in my pail.  In order to live simply, I only put into the pail what I really find necessary in life.  Of course my faith, family, friends, and job are in the bucket.  I have two boys so each of them gets a separate rock.  My oldest son needed so much of my time while growing up that he was the biggest rock in the bucket.  I wouldn’t add anything to the bucket until he left home for college.  I was always thinking about going back to school to get my master’s degree but I wouldn’t add that into the bucket until his rock was less big; consequently, I had to wait for 9 years until his rock finally shrunk in size.  Last year he went off to college and so I had room for a new rock and thus began my journey of going back to school.  My program is very important to me so it takes up a lot of space now.  I focus on my schooling because I made the commitment to let it take up much of my bucket.  I find that sacrifices must be made rather than jamming rocks into the bucket that don’t fit.  Our inner being will lead us in the directions we must go only if we become still enough to hear its voice.


  1. Beth~
    I love coming to your blog to read about all of your rich experiences and great reflections. Believe it or not, I find a sense of calmness when I come here to see what you have posted. It is comforting to know that everything has turned out well. I appreciate how open and honest you are to not only yourself, but also to your readers. As far as rocks go, I don't think that I have come to fully learn that I can say no to people and not take on anymore responsibility or obligations (extra committees at work, extra activities for myself, etc...) This is a difficult concept for me because I like to try new things, but don't like to abandon ship immediately when things aren't going well. I like to weather the storm and try to make it all work out! Thanks for your great advice and comforting words and your welcoming shoulder at our last class. You have no idea how much you are truly appreciated!

    1. Hi Jess,
      You are so sweet. I am so happy I can help comfort you in this time of your life. Never hesitate to call me or talk to me during class. I am always here for you. Sometimes all you need is someone to process your thoughts and feelings with. I want to pay if forward as someone did for me too. As for saying yes or no, you will find yourself much happier in life if you say yes only when you have no doubts. I do have to say yes at work more than I want to; however, I usually find myself stretching and growing in those situations. I am much better at saying no in my personal life because my kids and husband are the most important and are my biggest rocks. I absolutely will not bend on their time if I have any self-doubt about saying yes or no. The older I get, the easier it is to stand firm on my priorities.
      My thoughts are with you as you continue on a tough but hopeful journey!

  2. Beth - It is clear from your very presence that you have worked hard on getting those rocks in order. You are a perfect walking example to others as to how someone can and should prioritize and focus on only what is most important! :-)