Friday, January 31, 2014

Haiku Deck integration

Haiku Deck is a new tech tool that I have been playing around with and implementing in my 2nd grade Title 1 groups.  First I watched a tutorial on how to use the tool.  Then, I made slides related to a 2nd grade story from the basal reader.  The story entitled, When the Wind Blows, tells about how nothing ends; when something comes to an "end", something else begins.  I took some examples from the book and added my own pictures and captions to the slides.  After my learning process, I showed the kids my work and they got a chance to work in groups of two to make their own slides.  They mostly used my ideas for their first time; however, they used different pictures.  They really enjoyed getting a chance to retell the story using a creative approach with their own chosen pictures.  I was so engaged with their experimenting and learning.  What a great tech tool to bring out creativity in learning.  This puts Marzano's student learning factors into practice by enforcing vocabulary and learning through pictures.  Although I haven't used a lot of tech tools with my groups before this year, I can see how my engagement levels are increasing with the lessons along with the students.

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  1. I liked the Haiku deck for its essential quality. mjb