Sunday, November 17, 2013

Marzano's Teacher Level-Factors

Marzano’s Teacher Level-Factors:

Before I read the chapter, I had no idea what I was supposed to brainstorm about involving Teacher level-Factors.  I wasn’t even sure what the chapter would be about.  For some reason I had a brain lapse and wasn’t connecting the Marzano readings together.  Now I realize that we are reading about how to bring about effective education for learners.  This part is about teacher level-factors, what they are and how they will influence education.  They include:

Instructional strategies

Classroom management

Classroom curriculum design

These three areas are the key factors that Marzano has found must be present and strong in order for all students to be engaged and learning effectively in the classroom.  This past year we have been learning about effective instruction strategies that will engage students and keep them learning at a high level.  Management is a key area that gives students’ “guide rails” to cross the bridges of learning.  If they have nothing to guide them over the bridge, they lose their way and risk falling into the ravine.  Teachers must provide those guide rails for students.  Classroom curriculum design has been focused on when we have been creating backwards designs for our units.  We have learned about starting with the enduring understanding we want all students to gain and going back to asking the essential questions.  We have also been collecting research on different topics that will guide us in having curricular designs that are rooted in best practices.   It is clear to me that my educational program has been designed with these three factors as the driving force behind all learning.  Marzano ‘s research shows how teachers are the most influential people in the lives of a student.  Students achieve more or less depending on the practices of the teacher.  Yes, the school has some influence over the achievement but research has found that the school has less of an impact than the teacher.  What a heavy weight to bear.  One that I must take very seriously as I move forward in my teaching career.

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